nothing inside. archives two.

These are various unused tracks from the SOMETHING STRANGE sessions. Markedly different versions of Strange and This Quiet Hour from what was later released.


From 2004-2007, we went through the initial (painful) phases of getting everything backed up off of diverse analog and digital sources into the computer and going through it all to sort of separate out the wheat from the chaff. When the smoke cleared, we wound up with about 200 hours of audio left, including
500+ tracks of unreleased and demo songs, spanning 2 decades
85 brap sessions from the "modern" NI period of 1997-2004
84 excerpted minutes from various interviews and promotional appearances
50+ live hours of NI, slitch, nekura, mit, and stiff kittenz performances
In addition, since the initial phase there have been about 50 live and studio-based improvisational experiments ranging from ambient to noise which will crawl out here someday.


1995 What would have started SOMETHING STRANGE had it been released.

 death blow

1993 The re-invention of a portion of concept album. Guest growling from Jason.

 orpheus collapsing

1994 This track would have probably fit best on END but I don't know why it wasn't included there.


1994 This track had been around a long time prior to this, but this is probably the definitive version.

 morphine spiders

1995 Written in an afternoon, dropped for being "too X-filesy".


1995 What would have ended SOMETHING STRANGE.


1995 I never really liked this re-working of the 1987 version; the version that wound up on STRANGER was far closer to the original.

 this quiet hour

1995 I probably prefer this version to the one that wound up on FALL ;)


1995 I never really liked this re-working of the 1987 version; a bit too pop-oriented.