blurred vision.

Less of a band than a random gathering of artists from time-to-time, Blurred Vision captures artistic improvisation at its finest. An ever-changing lineup of artists and collaborators ensures that the vision will remain blurred... five installations of Blurred Vision have been recorded so far, and, although random, further installations may occur at any time.

installment five

RECORDED 07 DEC 2002 ~ 93.22

 01hrapp0.55MP3 (860k)
 02were that i had thumbnz17.41MP3 (940k)
03who knows how lonely3.54MP3 (3660k)
 04ocarina, ocarina3.17MP3 (940k)
 05progression1.23MP3 (940k)
 06ham the plank hand, man the band3.20MP3 (940k)
 07chown1.30MP3 (940k)
 08unsoundskrapes2.30MP3 (940k)
 09hush1.54MP3 (940k)
 10part one of nothing at all4.35MP3 (940k)
 11part two of nothing at all2.00MP3 (940k)
 12miss takes the music away4.00MP3 (940k)
 13harmonix2.30MP3 (940k)
 14cessing3.30MP3 (940k)
 15square amgry3.00MP3 (940k)
 16exercise #62.40MP3 (940k)
 17spacklety3.40MP3 (940k)
 18battered2.20MP3 (940k)
 19smrt maaaaan2.25MP3 (940k)
20lost signals7.15MP3 (6876k)
 21transition7.10MP3 (940k)
 22minimalist end jam9.20MP3 (940k)
 23finnish hollow hum3.04MP3 (940k)

michael guitar fx
jason guitar / bass / vox
cal guitar
jessica guitar
jay guitar / keyboard / vox
lee keyboard / vox
jennifer keyboards / vox / ocarina / guitar fx
mindy keyboard / marimba / ocarina / guitar fx / vox
mike bass / vox / fx / loops / keyboards / drums / mixing
rome drums / loops / keyboards / fx / guitar fx / vox / mixing

installment four

RECORDED 24 FEB 2002 ~ 57.28

 01landscape11.01MP3 (940k)
 02lower1.14MP3 (940k)
03diseased3.59MP3 (3740k)
 04razor2.31MP3 (940k)
05burn9.33MP3 (8956k)
 06grinder3.52MP3 (940k)
 07broken3.56MP3 (940k)
 08blank1.57MP3 (940k)
 09belltone4.05MP3 (940k)
 10sturgis2.11MP3 (940k)
 11cauterize2.46MP3 (940k)
 12radar1.42MP3 (940k)
 13shotgun8.42MP3 (960k)

chip bass / drums
mike keyboard / flange fx
rome loops / keyboards / fx chains

installment three

RECORDED 20 AUG 2000 ~ 38.55

 01intro7.17MP3 (940k)
 02quiet1.13MP3 (940k)
 03nebulous0.59MP3 (924k)
 04broken1.39MP3 (940k)
05left3.11MP3 (3000k)
 06progress8.93MP3 (940k)
 07thrown3.10MP3 (940k)
 08stabbed3.35MP3 (940k)
 09forge1.50MP3 (940k)
 10lag3.20MP3 (940k)
11tighten4.02MP3 (3784k)

cal drums
mindy keyboards / guitar
mike guitar / keyboards / drums
rome keyboards / loops / guitar / drums

installment two

RECORDED 25-26 SEP 1999 ~ 70.30

 01intro2.25MP3 (940k)
 02boy7.44MP3 (940k)
 03abstract4.43MP3 (940k)
 04laugh0.33MP3 (524k)
05body4.57MP3 (4648k)
 06prelude1.02MP3 (940k)
 07exit7.42MP3 (940k)
 08penis5.46MP3 (940k)
 09water2.40MP3 (940k)
 10empire3.57MP3 (940k)
 11down part one2.46MP3 (940k)
 12down part two1.23MP3 (940k)
 13order3.20MP3 (940k)
 14a lobster in twenty-five parts5.52MP3 (948k)
 39jazz part one5.06MP3 (940k)
 40jazz part two0.18MP3 (272k)
41fishnets6.21MP3 (5952k)
 42changed3.55MP3 (940k)

briana vox
jason vox
mindy vox / keyboards
mike keyboards / vox / drums
rome drums / keyboards / vox

installment one

RECORDED 20-21 MAR 1998 ~ 50.08

 01hellohellodrone5.41MP3 (940k)
 02vicissitude7.47MP3 (940k)
 03testicles0.20MP3 (316k)
 04rape (castration's not an answer)2.04MP3 (940k)
05i'm so blue2.51MP3 (2680k)
 06modern male1.39MP3 (940k)
 07i see my father3.19MP3 (940k)
 08boom-a-chak-a-boom1.21MP3 (940k)
 09lawnmower casket4.44MP3 (940k)
 10elephants0.25MP3 (396k)
 11my son1.39MP3 (940k)
 12family outings (lucy)3.09MP3 (940k)
13finnish, the mask3.09MP3 (2964k)
 14atatta1.40MP3 (940k)
 15use the saw (in the mall)3.08MP3 (940k)
 16ohnoohnodrone7.13MP3 (940k)

brian vox / guitar hum / percussion
chris keyboards / guitar / bass / percussion
mike bass / guitar / keyboards / vox
rome drums / keyboards / vox