nothing inside, fall.

RELEASED 06 AUG 2002 ~ 78.00


01 trailblazer (excerpt) 0.36 MP3 (564k)
O 02 used to be cool 5.19 MP3 (4,983k) #
O 03 principa mathmatica 5.36 MP3 (948k)
O 04 fall 4.17 MP3 (946k)
O 05 burn this 3.58 MP3 (947k)
O 06 heroes 5.44 MP3 (950k)
O 07 i only love you when it rains 4.14 MP3 (944k)
08 heaven (prelude) 2.20 MP3 (524k)
O 09 heaven 5.43 MP3 (943k)
O 10 thoughtless 3.46 MP3 (948k)
O 11 this quiet hour 5.16 MP3 (945k)
X 12 horizon 3.56 MP3 (937k)

this is just our anger at the dumbing down of pop
speaking shrieks and sounds so weak they climb right to the top
we never would have done this if we thought that they would stop
buying in to this disease to reap that bitter crop

we started out all innocent when this all began
but we quickly found the nightmare out and picked up on the plan
forcing through their grim facade to find out where we stand
last to first and first to last grabbed up by grabbing hands

older now and wiser we are certain of their game
or at least enough so that we know just who we can all blame
they're sacrificing talent to achieve a fleeting fame
we have our independence and we won't wind up the same

as corporations fight for the rights to sell our souls
and the sharks become now minnows swim into that bought control
and all the while the popular complaint to fill their holes
we set our sights to right the ship and sail towards our goals

the horizon disappears and the air is getting thin
we struggle blindly for our cause although we may not win
they take another chapter out only to start again
from the book another look at those who you called friends

the air is getting thin the horizon disappears
as you buy into the lies that they've force fed you all these years
you raise your voice in anguish but no one really hears
a corporate hell that sold so well it covered up their ears

O 13 the secret language of relationships 5.58 MP3 (5,559k) #
O 14 greyscale 6.24 MP3 (970k)
15 trailblazer 6.38 MP3 (943k)
16 tom & jerry 8.03 MP3 (945k)

We started out at the end of 2000 (after completing work on our fourth LP release DECAY) with about 60 tracks in rough demo format for the next release. Over the last two years, we added maybe 20 tracks to that list. Through various "cut parties" we narrowed the tracks we would work on down throughout the year, and we went into the studio on December 15th 2001 with about 26 candidate tracks for the album. The next seven months were spent refining and recording. The result -- these 16 tracks.