nothing inside, fall.

RELEASED 06 AUG 2002 ~ 78.00


01 trailblazer (excerpt) 0.36 MP3 (564k)
O 02 used to be cool 5.19 MP3 (4,983k) #
O 03 principa mathmatica 5.36 MP3 (948k)
O 04 fall 4.17 MP3 (946k)
O 05 burn this 3.58 MP3 (947k)
X 06 heroes 5.44 MP3 (950k)

i'm waiting for the sun to rise up in the sky
i'm waiting for a better chance at a better life
i've weathered all the slings and arrows that misfortune tried
easy with my heroes close beside

i'm watching the sun go down in the sky
i'm watching another end to another life
there's nothing i can do to keep them both alive
and i'm still asking why

now my heroes are all gone
they left me sitting here
i watched them all move on
i watched them disappear

and now i'm all alone

i'm waiting for the stars to fall out of the sky
i'm waiting for a bitter end to a bitter life
everything that mattered once to me has all been left behind
but those heroes are still locked in my mind

they've taken all my faith
and left nothing in it's place
how can i go on?

each day that goes by
is like a knife in my side
how can i go on?

O 07 i only love you when it rains 4.14 MP3 (944k)
08 heaven (prelude) 2.20 MP3 (524k)
O 09 heaven 5.43 MP3 (943k)
O 10 thoughtless 3.46 MP3 (948k)
O 11 this quiet hour 5.16 MP3 (945k)
O 12 horizon 3.56 MP3 (937k)
O 13 the secret language of relationships 5.58 MP3 (5,559k) #
O 14 greyscale 6.24 MP3 (970k)
15 trailblazer 6.38 MP3 (943k)
16 tom & jerry 8.03 MP3 (945k)

We started out at the end of 2000 (after completing work on our fourth LP release DECAY) with about 60 tracks in rough demo format for the next release. Over the last two years, we added maybe 20 tracks to that list. Through various "cut parties" we narrowed the tracks we would work on down throughout the year, and we went into the studio on December 15th 2001 with about 26 candidate tracks for the album. The next seven months were spent refining and recording. The result -- these 16 tracks.