nothing inside, fall.

RELEASED 06 AUG 2002 ~ 78.00


01 trailblazer (excerpt) 0.36 MP3 (564k)
O 02 used to be cool 5.19 MP3 (4,983k) #
O 03 principa mathmatica 5.36 MP3 (948k)
O 04 fall 4.17 MP3 (946k)
O 05 burn this 3.58 MP3 (947k)
O 06 heroes 5.44 MP3 (950k)
O 07 i only love you when it rains 4.14 MP3 (944k)
08 heaven (prelude) 2.20 MP3 (524k)
O 09 heaven 5.43 MP3 (943k)
X 10 thoughtless 3.46 MP3 (948k)

so we're sitting at a restaurant or in a shop somewhere
and you complain about the service pout and whine and tug your hair
i can't help but think that while you're acting out your rage
there are thousands overseas who will die today from aids

i'm sorry that you had to wait an hour to get your food
and i'm sorrier still that you had to make a point of being rude
but maybe you should think of things in a somewhat different light
because there are millions round the world who will have no food tonight

so you're angry just because you didn't get a better grade
"my teacher doesn't like me" the excuse so commonly displayed
i'm not saying that you don't have a case to plead
i'm just saying there are millions more who would give their lives to read

the things we take for granted could fill a library of works
the simple fact you've food to eat and hospitals to tend your hurts
instead of worrying about what designer you haven't got
think about all that you do have and what the next person has not

because in the end even the strongest towers still may fall
you can work an entire lifetime with nothing to show for it at all
so it's ok to be afraid and it's ok not to share
but it's not ok to be someone who just doesn't care

i'm sorry that you're thoughtless and i'm sorry you're unkind
i'm sorry that you're worthless at seeing what's around you
i'm sorry that you're painfully and obviously cruel
i'm sorry that we came here
(i'm sorry that i know you)

O 11 this quiet hour 5.16 MP3 (945k)
O 12 horizon 3.56 MP3 (937k)
O 13 the secret language of relationships 5.58 MP3 (5,559k) #
O 14 greyscale 6.24 MP3 (970k)
15 trailblazer 6.38 MP3 (943k)
16 tom & jerry 8.03 MP3 (945k)

We started out at the end of 2000 (after completing work on our fourth LP release DECAY) with about 60 tracks in rough demo format for the next release. Over the last two years, we added maybe 20 tracks to that list. Through various "cut parties" we narrowed the tracks we would work on down throughout the year, and we went into the studio on December 15th 2001 with about 26 candidate tracks for the album. The next seven months were spent refining and recording. The result -- these 16 tracks.