mice in tights.

hate turned backwards / mice in tights, discontinuity.

RELEASED 15 AUG 2001 ~ 67.50


O 01 htb: mutilate 7.42 MP3 (1,299k)
O 02 htb: aggressor 9.03 MP3 (8,485k) #
X 03 htb: spasm 9.28 MP3 (944k)

the gaping head wound ties that winding spool of thread within the head that shapes you as the threads wear thin within this turning move i sense a loss in toss velocity four shapes or was it three a spasm's source a thought unkind the little voice inside your mind that tells you it will be ok if you can just do things this way but never knowing what to heed the fear then learned displaced the need to pull into and take away what you bring to the next day the life you live encircles you your mind in time it will break through but shorter now and far away "you cannot sleep your life away" the tortured voice is yours of course written into present force by songs written in years behind as if predicting states of mind and the life that time has spun around yet back again and then somehow you knew these words and spoke unknown the seeds in life you've later sown a foot and so along this word now said my sorry ass will get to bed to wake tomorrow and get to work and things i've let myself not lurk on in the process of my day i've let so much time slip away but i'm in bed now it is so comfortable

O 04 htb: etah 8.14 MP3 (1,099k)
05 intermission 1.25 MP3 (1,012k)
06 mit: squirrel 7.11 MP3 (954k)
07 mit: control 8.17 MP3 (1,022k)
08 mit: joyful 9.50 MP3 (1,054k)
09 mit: stronger 6.24 MP3 (6,009k) #

Mice In Tights focus on creating driving rhythmic soundscapes. Evolving beyond cliche genres such as techno and trance they take intelligent dance music to the next level.

They share the split LP Discontinuity with Hate Turned Backwards.