mice in tights.

hate turned backwards / mice in tights, discontinuity.

RELEASED 15 AUG 2001 ~ 67.50


O 01 htb: mutilate 7.42 MP3 (1,299k)
O 02 htb: aggressor 9.03 MP3 (8,485k) #
O 03 htb: spasm 9.28 MP3 (944k)
X 04 htb: etah 8.14 MP3 (1,099k)

counting time and reading "minds" and staring through the mist watching signs of life's decline and sinking into abyss in this kind of frame of mind the point you always miss this in time i find you kind of want to feel like this showing now the method how you emphasize your name taking in with practiced grin the patterns of the game holding in the patient sin you call avoiding blame this is what we like to call anticipated shame forget the time before the moment now and life a life outside yourself you take it all for granted and in time the seeds are planted you ignore the warning signs and just decline(and just decline) and self rejection and self deception are two sides of the same flipping coin self illusion and this confusion are the enemies you need to join

05 intermission 1.25 MP3 (1,012k)
06 mit: squirrel 7.11 MP3 (954k)
07 mit: control 8.17 MP3 (1,022k)
08 mit: joyful 9.50 MP3 (1,054k)
09 mit: stronger 6.24 MP3 (6,009k) #

Mice In Tights focus on creating driving rhythmic soundscapes. Evolving beyond cliche genres such as techno and trance they take intelligent dance music to the next level.

They share the split LP Discontinuity with Hate Turned Backwards.