nothing inside. remnants three.

RELEASED 20 AUG 2002 ~ 72.20

 01empty (from END).MP3 (768k)
 02just like you said (from STRANGER).MP3 (668k)
 03blur (from STRANGER).MP3 (668k)
 04slowdeath (from HOST).MP3 (1096k)
 05lost (from DECAY).MP3 (976k)
 06the sweetest revenge (from DECAY).MP3 (996k)
 07used to be cool (from FALL).MP3 (952k)
 08burn this (from FALL).MP3 (948k)
 09end (core breach megamix).MP3 (928k)
 10used to be cool (just not sure).MP3 (940k)
 11burn this (tripianoforte).MP3 (956k)
 12heaven (quieter).MP3 (1172k)

This disc is a brief retrospective of our work over the last five years. Only available to Collapsing Memories members, it contains signature tracks from each of our five CD LP releases as well as remixes from the singles collection for FALL, and an END megamix previously released only on Remants One.